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Left 4 Dead Tutorials

Left 4 Dead Steam dedicated server installation tutorial on Windows XP and Vista


In order to run a Left 4 Dead dedicated server you need:
1. 2 GB of free disk
2. Windows XP, Vista or Windows Server 2003
3. 1 GB of RAM
4. An internet connection.

Download resources

1. Download Left 4 Dead Server Creator

How to install the L4D dedicated server

Follow this steps:
1. Create a folder somewhere on your disk and name it as you like. We`ll name it SERVER, for your better understanding.
2. Connect to internet.
3. You have downloaded L4D Server Creator. Double click on it and chose as installation directory, the SERVER folder.
Click Install and a black ms dos window will show with the installation progress. Wait for the installer to download server`s files. It might take some time. Have patience.

After the installation is done, the black window will disapare. It means all the server`s files were copied to your computer. Now you have to configure the server.


4. L4D dedicated server configuration

You will find the server`s configuration in SERVER\l4d\left4dead\cfg\server.cfg file. Customize the file as you like:

  • the server`s name goes to the firs line at: hostname
  • setup the RCON password in line: rcon_password  
  • you can set up the player password for the server in the line sv_password , and an email contact in sv_contact .
  • set up the Internet or Lan mode in the line sv_lan (0= Internet, 1=Lan)
  • set up server`s port in the line hostport (default is 27015)
  • edit the wished game mod in the line: mp_gamemode versus (values: coop, versus,survival)
  • don`t change the value of sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 

Don`t change any other line unless you know what you are doing!


7. Starting L4D dedicated server

There are a few ways of starting the server.
The simple one is to make a shortcut on Desktop of the file scds.exe , located in SERVER\l4d, then doubleclick it. Type your RCON password in the field RCON Password, the port in UDP Port field, the maximum number of players and click Start Server.
You can disable Valve Anticheat by unselecting the Secure (Valve Anticheat) button.

Another way to start the server is to create a shortcut on Desktop of the srcds.exe file, right click on it, go to Properties and this line in the Target field after everything that is already there. In Target field, click after srcds.exe, pres the Space Bar once, then paste this:

Enable Valve Anticheat if you wish by typing secure instead of insecure.

Another way of starting the server is to run it using Serverdoc Anticrush. This way if the server crushes, Serverdoc will reopen it automatichaly. This is a good way to run your server. L4D servers crushes some times. See the Serverdoc Anticrush tutorial here.

Now you have a Left 4 Dead dedicated server, good to go…The Server Creator installer installed the Sourcemod 1.2.1 plugin and you can costumize it as you like. Add plugins and admins, so you can administrate the server better.

The server doesn`t show in server browser. We hope that Setti will index L4D server soon. At this moment their masterserver doesn`t support L4D servers. As a result, you have to advertise your server here or any other way and give the clients your ip and port, or a DNS address if you have set one up (we recomand that you do set a DNS address for your server on www.no-ip.com).

List your server in serverbrowser

In order to list the server in game`s browser, you have to submit the server to Setti Masterserver.
Go to Setti site and at the bottom of the page you`ll find a form. Type there your real ip and port and click Add server.
You can find the real ip by console typing status. Look in udp/ip section, at the second ip, the public one. Copy that ip and port from there and paste into setti`s form.
The server will be listed in less than an hour and you`ll find it in game`s serverbrowser in Custom section.

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